Prefabricated Outdoor Modules


OPM is now offering the service of rent or sale of prefabricated mobile units offices and temporary watch-posts suitable for all kind of outdoor uses which have the following features :


These mobile units are ideal to cut time and cost over the construction site or whatever your needs, keep reading to learn more about this products from OPM, you might find it very attractive and useful for that new coming project.




This product is quoted firmly in our base city and depending on the current steel market the day of the quotation, the shipment cost depends on the final destination, it's not included in the gross price, for more information, please give us a call on +52 (614) 410 1577 or by email  info@opm.com.mx   or   opm_chihuahua@hotmail.com

All of the mobile units produced by OPM are built with structural steel forming a very strong load chassis which is able to take not only the proper weight and service loads but is also accepts an axle with 13" painted steel rims and load grade tires that makes it easy to transport the unit itself wherever you may need it.  The insulated paneling used for the walls and for the roof are 2" thick, double faced in 26 gage metal sheet, oven painted, with an R value of 8.47 for winter and R = 8.86 for the summer.

The door is also a laminated 2" thick insulated double faced and it can be set, (as client chooses for final sales only), flat, simulated boards, with a single view port, double view port or even with an artistic semi arch view port, includes standard ball lock set with key. An additional lock set can be added if requested. Please note that these kind of doors are NOT safety doors, they are standard use doors only.

Shall you require measurements and/or special designs, please contact us and we assure you that the you will get a very competitive proposal for the fabrication and delivery of the mobile units you most like.

This service can include the delivery anywhere in Mexico, and the southwest of the United States, the delivery time and cost depends on the final destination and the availability of the services in your area.


To get a quote on mobile units or other services we're offering please contact us, we'll be glad to serve you, we can take care of your needs anywhere in Mexico, you may contact us by phone or email  info@opm.com.mx  in regular business days/hours. (our time is the mountain time of the USA)


Download here the illustrated brochure of the mobile units OPM in  pdf format.