Our Services


OPM does not only work in the construction and engineering business, our goal is to offer a wide set of building connected services always looking forward to meet or exceed our clients expectations.


Available Services :

  • Project development and management.

  • Development of scaled models and/or virtual modeling.

  • Industrial, residential, commercial and/or specialized jobs.

  • Project administration and/or supervision.

  • Design, project and construction in masonry and/or drywall.

  • All kind of electromechanical installations.

  • Structural consulting and advice.

  • Design of concrete structures.

  • Design, calculus, fabrication and erection of metal structures.

  • Pre-engineered buildings. (ideal for mining companies)

  • Warehouses, cold rooms, clean rooms.

  • TIF class meat processing facilities.

  • Prefabricated steel joists  and/or special requirements.

  • Overhead Traveling Cranes design, fabrication and mounting.    < NEW!

  • Prefabricated modular / Watch-post and mobile offices.

  • Prefabricated small but highly versatile trailers suitable for any kind of needs.

  • Set-up and erection of any kind of steel structures. (Mats and/or Handwork)

  • Expansion, reconditioning and maintenance for industrial buildings. (ask for our maintenance policies)

  • Tell us your needs, we build to suit.

  • Real Estate. (see available properties)

  • General iron works.

  • Rough iron decorative items and other accessories. See the versatile motorcycle trailer


To contract any of our services, please contact us by phone or email info@opm.com.mx, in regular business days / hours and we'll gladly take care of your needs anywhere in Mexico and the southwest of the USA, our time is the US mountain time.