We're a construction company with more than 20  years of experience in the engineering and construction business and we offer the most versatile services in our area, we do have the following locations available for you :


Main Office :
Calle 1ro. de Mayo # 2405 local 20
Col. Sta. Rita zip 31020
Chihuahua, Chih. Mex.
Tel. [52] (614) 410 1577
email = opm_chihuahua@hotmail.com or

Juarez city branch :

Calle Jose Borunda # 1438

Col. Partido Romero zip 32030

Cd. Juarez, Chih. Mex.

Tels. (656) 612 4074

email = opm_juarez@hotmail.com or



Pictures of some of the jobs / projects we've been involved in :


We recently performed a by-pass in a flotation process circuit.for COEUR Mexicana SA de CV, in just 4 weeks we've installed more than 195' of 16"-diameter rubber lined steel piping as well as 2 brand new pneumatic 16" valves, including all of the required modifications to existing installations, thermo-fusing, elbows, connections, support hardware made to fit and enamel paint finish.  Also, the proper testings were conducted prior to commisioning.  All of this without a single accident.  It's our policy : the safety of our crew and the surrounding operative people.

This process can only be interrupted a few hours during the flotation area maintenance once every 2 months. We did this job in just 4 weeks and connected to existing piping during the shutdown.

This by-pass is currently fully operational in COEUR's process plant at Palmarejo's mining site.



We developed the entire executive project as well as all of the required engineering to build up an expansion to the Merryll-Crowe process for

COEUR The Precious Metals Co. on their site at Plamarejo, Chihuahua, Mexico.  This project included the installation of a clarifier, a disc filter, pumps, piping, valves, sump and all of the required electromechanical installations and it was completed within a record timing : only 6 weeks to develop engineering and executive project and 62 days (including sat & sun) for physical execution of the job on site without a single incident, at all. Take a look at some of the project's pictures below..

This project is currently fully operational in COEUR's process plant at Palmarejo's mining site.



Development of the executive project for an underground electromechanical service shop for the AGNICO EAGLE's mine Pinos Altos at Cahuisori, Chih.

  This project is more than 250 mts. deep in the ground.   Take a look at the virtual pictures compared to real pictures, below...

virtual real
real virtual
virtual real


Construction of a Water Treatment Plant for COEUR's mine at Palmarejo, Chihuahua, Mexico

Currently fully operational.  Take a look at the pictures below...



We developed the entire executive project for the new buildings B, C and TIC for the "Universidad Autonoma de Cd. Juarez" (UACJ) in Juarez city, Chihuahua. Mex

This project is the intellectual property of OPM Inc.  Take a look at the virtual pictures below...

Foundations for various equipments in the CFE combined cycle power plant in Samalayuca, Chih. Mex.

We developed the structural project with the concepts catalog for the civil jobs for the new TIF compliant meat-processing facilities in Delicias, Chih.

10 modules for living cubicles in the AUSENCO / Mine Finders camp in Dolores, Chihuahua, Mex.

Fabrication and erection of the steel structure for the Chihuahua Polytechnic University in Chihuahua, Chih. Mex. 



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