In this division, OPM offers the service of rough iron furniture fabrication and steel accessories that are perfect to fulfill some of your needs in this areas and as you can see on the following pictures, these products are very convenient and handy.


        + Special trailer for bikes.  { NEW }

Do you own a motorcycle? Are you a person who treats your bike in a special manner? OK, this is for you, just what you need to transport your bike.

For demanding people like you, the bike trailer BT-1 fabricated by OPM has the capacity to carry the heaviest available bike in the market, which one do you own? Harley Davidson Road King?, Honda GoldWing 1800?, BMW 1600? it doesn't matter, this trailer it's built with structural high tens steel to provide it with its reliability and endurance features you're demanding, we used diamond pattern steel plate for the surfaces, integrated tool box and a steel ramp which hides in the body, hitching tow for 2" standard ball, retractile tripod with tire, it's wired and ready to connect with the terminal of your SUV to meet DOT requirements, available in black with on of the following colors : red, yellow, metallic blue or pearl white, shall you require a special color, we can set it up to meet your expectative, take a look at the following pictures...


The price for this product is only $1,000.00 US dlls + tax + S & H



          + Heavy duty iron bench IB-1 for outdoors.


This elegant bench is ideal to decorate those corners in your garden, porch, for you architectural project, public parks or squares, food areas where a highly resistant furniture is required... you name it! it's simply what you need, they're built with high quality structural steel finished with old fashion antique enamel.

Get a quote on this product, is elegant, very resistant (about 1,000 pounds, much more than you would ever need), leveling bolts, artistic and it's almost always available, the handling and shipping will be an extra cost depending on the final destination and the better of all, we sell from 1 piece.

General dimensions of this bench are Total length = 63"

Seat width = 16"

Height from floor to seat = 15"

Height from floor to arm-rest = 21.5"

Total height (back) = 36"


          + Universal load grills.

Also, how many times you been out in a trip, vacation, you get and install to your vehicle's towing hutch that accessory what we call Extended Load and then you realize that the grill has not enough load capacity for your needs or expectative?  Well, here's the solution, for those demanding people like you, the Extended Load  EL-1 and EL-2, manufactured by OPM has a load capacity of more than 1,000 lbs, it's built with high strength structural steel to provide you with the higher advantages you're looking for, just take a look...

All of the metal products fabricated by OPM are  welded with micro wire and are delivered with a layer of  anticorrosive primer or the standard enamel that is shown in the illustrations, it's a client's choice, we sell from 1 piece.


Shall you require special measures and/or designs, please don't hesitate to contact us and we can assure you that you'll get a very competitive quote for the fabrication of any metal product.

The shipping and handling service to anywhere in Mexico, the United States and Canada is available and will be quoted separately, the delivery time and cost depends on the final destination and the availability of the service in your area.


To contract any of our services, please contact us by phone or email info@opm.com.mx in regular business days / hours and we'll gladly take care of your needs anywhere in Mexico and the southwest of the USA, our time is the US mountain time.