Industrial Traveling Cranes


OPM also offers the service of designing, fabricating and mounting traveling cranes as per CMAA, AISC and AWS regulations.


If you already own a previous design, we can quote the fabrication, delivery and erection of your traveling crane for you. If you need to extend an existing traveling crane, for a larger capacity, longer girder, longer runway, we can also quote this sort of needs, it  includes fabrication, delivery and erection.  If you need a brand new  traveling crane to suit your needs, to fit your facilities, etc, contact us and allow our engineering team to propose, design and quote the right crane for you for FREE*


Different options for your new traveling crane :

  • Single or double main girder

  • Main girder with W steel profiles

  • Boxed-type main girder

  • Runway beams and columns

  • Electric chain or cable hoist as required

  • Linear, bent or combined monorails

  • Electric motor driven girder ends as required

  • Columns and beams in stainless steel



Quotations are shop-outlet cost in US dollars, the shipping and handling depends on the final destination and it's not included in the quote, for more information please contact by mail   info@opm.com.mx   or  opm_chihuahua@hotmail.com  or call [+52](614) 410 1577

All traveling cranes and all other structural elements designed and fabricated by OPM are adhered to and following outlines and specifications from the CMAA, AISC and AWS, using wire welders, and can be delivered with no finish or with an anti-rust primer and/or industrial yellow enamel finish coat.  Other optional colors and treatments are available upon request (special enamels, polyurethanes, intumesce, sand blasting, etc.), this is all up to the client's choice.

Other related services available :

  • Preventive maintenance

  • Revision and evaluation

  • Checking and calibrating the electric system

  • Maintenance policies

  • Calculations memory

If you need measures and/or special designs or requirements, please contact us and we assure you that the you will get a very competitive proposal for the design, fabrication, delivery and erection for almost any kind of steel structure.  Calculations memory has no extra cost for elements designed by OPM *

This service can include the delivery anywhere in Mexico, also, the delivery time and cost depend on the final destination and the availability of the services in your area.  Also, as part of the service, the delivery includes free tracking of your shipment.

To get a quote on traveling cranes or other type of steel structure please contact us, we'll be glad to serve you, we can take care of your needs anywhere in Mexico, you may contact us by phone in regular business days/hours. (our time is the mountain time of the USA) or drop us a few lines by email  info@opm.com.mx


* Design, drawings and calculation sheets are for free only if you place your order.